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"[Farrer Computers] set up [previously purchased] computers ... [in our retail store], networked... [the computers and servers], and made a custom [Linux] firewall [by putting DD-WRT on a Linksys router]. ... replaced our aging ... [Windows Server] with a Ubuntu Linux one [with DNS, Apache with employee portal, and email]." --M.S.

"I live in a [extremely] rural area and ... [Farrrer Computers] set me up with a long range wireless connection [with a 24dbi parabolic dish] to get a signal from my sister's house [who has Comcast] a mile away! J.F."

"Ron [Farrer] fixed my computer [by replacing a bad video card] ... and installed Gentoo [Linux] on my Windows computer ... [with grub setup to dual boot between Gentoo Linux and Windows]. Works great!" --A.A.

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